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Ref. No. 32222
Rebus Drop Earrings, 18Kt Red Gold
Padparadscha Sapphire Satellite Earrings, 18K, 22K & Platinum, pink, red, gold, orbit, diamond, antique, whimsical, outer space earrings, unique, one of a kind, handmade, unusual, thumbnail, 32282
Ref. No. 32282
Padparadscha Sapphire Satellite Earrings, 18K, 22K & Platinum
Ref. No. 32223
Rebus Drop Earrings, 18Kt White Gold
Ref. No. 32225
Rebus Drop Earrings, 18Kt Bloomed Gold
'JetBlue', 18Kt & Platinum, aquamarine, kyanite, diamond, sapphire, beads, floral, red carpet necklace, unique, one of a kind
Ref. No. 0668
'JetBlue', 18Kt & Platinum
Ruby Piriform Inlaid Band, Niello & 22Kt, yellow gold, egyptian, mixed metals, cabochon, gemstone, paisley, piriform, octagon, panels, grey, organic, artistic, handmade, original, unique, 32137, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32137
Ruby Piriform Inlaid Band, Niello & 22Kt
Scrimshaw Cufflinks, Trout, 18 karat yellow gold, fossilized ivory, mammoth, handmade, colorful, lifelike, elegant, timeless, classic, fish, thumbnail, 0877
Ref. No. 0877
'Trout' Scrimshaw Cufflinks,18Kt Gold
Pomegranate Bracelet, Red Spinel, Diamonds, Enamel, 18 Karat Yellow Gold, handmade, one of a kind, life like, fruit, bright, vibrant, unique, whimsical, gemstone, unusual, creative, 31632, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31642
Pomegranate Bracelet, 18KY
Dandelion Diamond Earrings with Quartz Drops, 18Kt & Platinum, yellow gold, textured, weeds, flower, nature inspired, bloomed, 13070, thumbnail
Ref. No. 13070
Diamond & Quartz Dandelion Drop Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum
Large Dandelion Earrings, 18Kt, yellow gold, bloomed, green enamel, textured, bold, flowers, weeds, spring, unusual, 12979, thumbnail
Ref. No. 12979
Large Dandelion Earrings, 18Kt
Honeycomb Cuff, 24Kt yellow gold, fair mined, glow, honeybee, handmade, textured, wide
Ref. No. 31881
Honeycomb Cuff, 24Kt
Small Dandelion Diamond Puff Earrings, 18Kt, white gold, textured, orb, sea urchin, fireworks, stylish, unique, unexpected, elegant, handmade, artistic, realistic, weed, 1318, thumbnail
Ref. No. 1318
Small Dandelion Diamond Puff Earrings, 18Kt