We seek to create timeless, beautiful jewels that surprise and delight. With an emphasis on fresh, innovative and artistic design, we combine exceptional stones and superior craftsmanship. A team of highly skilled artisans craft each jewel by hand in a blend of progressive techniques and old world craftsmanship. Everything is made in our Great Barrington workshop. To preserve our distinct quality and design integrity, we are committed to producing only a limited number of pieces each year.

“McTeigue & McClelland is where diamond dealers and artists collide.” — W Magazine

Tim McClelland and Walter McTeigue have entirely different backgrounds and points of view as jewelers. Their frequently opposing ideas converge to create jewelry with energy and unmistakable beauty.


Fourth Generation Jeweler

Walter McTeigue grew up in a family with a long tradition in the fine jewelry business. At the age of 20, Walter started working for his father, a diamond and precious stone dealer. Walter worked in New York's Diamond District for over 20 years, specializing in diamonds and estate jewelry. Having established a reputation as an expert with an eye for quality, Walter was hired by Harry Winston as Estate Jewelry Buyer and later became Director of Purchasing.

A Jeweler's Jeweler

Tim McClelland grew up in family of artists and at an early age was struck by the versatility and permanence of metal as a vehicle for his ideas. After studying and apprenticing under some of the preeminent master jewelers and contemporary metalsmiths, Tim became a freelance designer and maker in New York City where he continued to develop his skills and refine his personal style.

Friendship & Collaboration

In 1984 Walter and Tim met in an elevator near New York’s diamond district and immediately became friends. Although they remained independent, their friendship led to collaboration in jewelry making, Walter finding the diamonds and precious stones, Tim designing and making the jewelry. By 1996 they had both moved to Great Barrington, Massachusetts where they shared an office/workshop. In 1998 they formally established McTeigue & McClelland, a decision that cemented a creative partnership that to this day is dynamic, developing and ever-changing.

For McTeigue & McClelland, creativity has revealed itself as an ongoing process of trying new things, learning and evolving. Perhaps more has been learned from its failures than from its success. The process of experimenting, innovating, taking risks, challenging themselves and each other brings out the very best of their individual talents and gifts in a way that could never have been anticipated - but which is evident in their work and their business.

Early Years

In the early years, McTeigue & McClelland explored the balance between artistic autonomy and collaboration by searching out other sources of inspiration and influence. Working with artist Judy McKie on a signature line of jewelry brought both visibility to the business as well as introspection. In working with Judy on her designs, Tim found himself driven to pursue his own work with greater intention and focus - compelled to develop as an artist by the desire to be his own master. Tim’s experience restoring antique jewelry had taught him a great deal about design, technique and craftsmanship. But Tim is an artist who's interested in experimenting and pushing the envelope. His entirely fresh design approach combined with the influence of old world design and technique are evident in Tim’s breakout creative vision – ‘Flora’. The collection, which is marked by painstaking craftsmanship, is an artistic accomplishment of significant scope, deeply imbued with an expression of beauty, luxury and individuality.


As the Flora collection developed it became obvious that McTeigue & McClelland had something special and they were encouraged to take the designs into new markets on a bigger stage. In 2008, with a growing New York and international clientele, McTeigue & McClelland opened an office in the same building where they met 24 years before. They also began selling to a select group of top retail jewelers including Bergdorf Goodman and Gumps. This new exposure brought increased visibility and helped McTeigue & McClelland gain the attention of the press. But the demand was not sustainable.

All of McTeigue & McClelland’s jewelry is made under the direction of Tim McClelland the old fashioned way - one piece at a time. They simply could not produce enough for other jewelers as well as their own growing clientele. The demands of supplying retailers and the constant focus on producing new collections made it all but impossible to maintain the distinct level of integrity in design and quality that they strive for.

Focusing on the Core

In 2011 McTeigue & McClelland made the decision to sell exclusively to their own clientele. In doing this they were able to refocus on their core values and re-embrace the creative process that had drawn them into partnership to begin with. The time that they had spent on the national stage did pay off, but in an unexpected way. McTeigue & McClelland started to get noticed by the international fashion press. Pieces from their collections became de-rigeur for magazines surveying the best in jewelry, including Town & Country, Robb Report, W Magazine, Elle, Martha Stewart, The New York Times and more.

“Away” In The Berkshires

This exposure unlocked the door to visibility on an international scale bringing exposure to collectors and connoisseurs. What had once been a liability - a remote location in the Berkshire Hills of Western MA- became an asset.   The setting and the environment are themselves a source of inspiration as well as a destination for sophisticated travelers. And being “away” in the Berkshires keeps the team fresh and looking at things differently. Surrounded by natural beauty, the pace is very conducive to both the creative process and to working with their clients in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.


Today, McTeigue & McClelland is thriving.  Tim and Walter have brought together an exceptional team of talented and experienced professionals including a small orchestra of craftsman and artisans. Everyone brings their own interests, influences and eclecticism to the jeweler’s bench, each providing the just the right touch.

McTeigue & McClelland, in Tim and Walter’s words has one mission - “To make the most beautiful jewelry imaginable.” And they pursue that dream every day.