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Fluted Diamond Rondel Bangle, 18Kt & Platinum, wearable, stack-able, gold, yellow, textured, elegant, stylish
Ref. No. 31375
Flora Fluted Diamond Rondel Bangle, 18Kt & Platinum
Pomegranate Bracelet, Red Spinel, Diamonds, Enamel, 18 Karat Yellow Gold, handmade, one of a kind, life like, fruit, bright, vibrant, unique, whimsical, gemstone, unusual, creative, 31632, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31642
Pomegranate Bracelet, 18KY
Sapphire & Diamond Pierced Flora Noir Bracelet, blue, black, cushion cut, floral, vines, nature inspired, classic, elegant, red carpet, intricate
Ref. No. 1070
Sapphire & Diamond Pierced Flora Noir Bracelet, 18Kt & Oxidized Silver
Diamond Quadrille Bracelet, 18 Kt, yellow gold, satin, glow, dogwood, natural, stylish, bold, bloomed, nature inspired, fun
Ref. No. 9163
Diamond Quadrille Bracelet, 18Kt
Honeycomb Cuff, 24Kt yellow gold, fair mined, glow, honeybee, handmade, textured, wide
Ref. No. 31881
Honeycomb Cuff, 24Kt
Dandelion Cuff Bracelet, 18Kt, yellow gold, bloomed, textured, life like, realistic, enamel, weed, natural, wearable art, heavy, hinged, alternative
Ref. No. 13178
Dandelion Cuff Bracelet, 18Kt
Cane Cuff Bracelet, 18Kt, wearable, unusual, one of a kind, wide, bold, statement, artistic, fashionable, stylish, hand made, woven
Ref. No. 0042
Cane Cuff Bracelet, 18Kt
Flora Fluted Bangle, 18Kt, yellow gold, stack-able, wearable, everyday, stylish, elegant, simple
Ref. No. 31449
Flora Fluted Bangle, 18Kt
Diamond Pierced Flora Noir Bangle, 18Kt & Silver, yellow gold, old world, creative, bracelet, elegant, unexpected, dimensional
Ref. No. 31047
Diamond Pierced Flora Noir Bangle, 18Kt & Silver
Fluted Bezel Bangle, 18Kt & Platinum, yellow gold, diamond, round, wearable, stach-able, layer, classic, stylish, handmade
Ref. No. 31376
Flora Fluted Bezel Bangle, 18Kt & Platinum
Blueberry Bracelet,18Kt yellow gold, enamel, sapphire beads, diamonds, handmade, plique a jour, green, spring time, life like
Ref. No. 9470
Blueberry Bracelet, 18Kt
Medium Link Black & Gold Bracelet, 22Kt & Iron, cushion, hammered, distressed, handmade, forged, wearable, manly, rugged, wrought iron, 32306, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32306
Medium Link Black & Gold Bracelet, 22Kt & Iron