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'JetBlue', 18Kt & Platinum, aquamarine, kyanite, diamond, sapphire, beads, floral, red carpet necklace, unique, one of a kind
Ref. No. 0668
'JetBlue', 18Kt & Platinum
Flora Centrix Diamond Necklace, 18Kt & Platinum, one of a kind, red carpet, big diamonds, antique diamonds, elegant, classic, heritage, 13044, thumbnail
Ref. No. 13044
Flora Centrix Diamond Necklace, 18Kt & Platinum
The Constellation Necklace, Platinum
Ref. No. 31278
The Constellation Necklace, Platinum
Pierced Flora Bead Tahitian Pearl Strand, Platinum & Silver, elegant, classic, graceful, black, grey, hand carved, natural, quality, fancy , adjustable
Ref. No. 31147
Pierced Flora Bead Tahitian Pearl Strand, Platinum & Silver
Aquamarine & Diamond Thread Necklace, 18Kt, white gold, diamond pave, cabochon, hand made, extraordinary, heirloom, delicate, graceful, 32066, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32066
Aquamarine & Diamond Thread Necklace, 18Kt
Moonstone & Diamond Helix Necklace, Platinum, extraordinary, red carpet, handmade, elegant, one of a kind, blue sheen, double helix, fancy, graceful, opulent, quality, nature inspired, gemstone, spectacular, 8167, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8167
Moonstone & Diamond Helix Necklace, Platinum
Medallion Longchain Necklace, 22Kt & Wrought Iron, layer, yellow gold, black, embossed, coins, modern, hand forged, hand finished, creative, 9037, thumbnail image
Ref. No. 9037
Medallion Longchain Necklace, 22Kt & Wrought Iron
Emerald Rain Pendant, Platinum, elegant, green, diamond, beads, colombian, subtle, graceful, fancy, delicate, 8717, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8717
Emerald Rain Pendant, Platinum
Flora Citrine & Golden Pearl Necklace, 18Kt, yellow gold, south sea peals, faceted citrine beads, textured, graceful, garden jewelry, floral, extraordinary, 4001M, Thumbnail Image
Ref. No. 4001M
Flora Citrine & Golden Pearl Necklace, 18Kt
Pearl Scroll Chain, Platinum, wearable, layer, fine, handmade, cultured pearls, artistic
Ref. No. 31384
Pearl Scroll Chain, Platinum
Enamel & Diamond Dandelion Necklace, 18Kt, yellow gold, petals, floral, handmade, nature inspired, childhood, enamel, green, textured, 0303, thumbnail
Ref. No. 0303
Enamel & Diamond Dandelion Necklace, 18Kt
Spinel Bead Necklace, 18Kt, red, wearable, layer, easy, beautiful, classic, elegant, yellow gold, handmade, subtle, natural
Ref. No. 8191
Spinel Bead Necklace, 18Kt