If you are unable to come see us, please contact us by telephone or email and one of our excellent, experienced, friendly and highly qualified sales team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and guide you through the selection and purchase process. We do not offer ecommerce purchases via our website at this time.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and wire transfers. All purchases must be paid in full and have cleared our bank before your item will be shipped or delivered to you. Items can only be shipped to the authorized cardholder’s confirmed billing address.

Payment must be made by wire transfer - we do not accept credit card payment for international purchases.

Our pricing is highly competitive. In this age of information and access we recognize that people have many options. Because we have been diamond and precious stone merchants for over 100 years, we have generations of expertise and unrivaled access into the diamond and precious stone market through an extensive network of dealers and cutters. This, together with our ability to produce our designs in our workshop and sell directly to our customers gives us a tremendous competitive advantage. 

For delivery in Massachusetts, please add 6.25% sales tax.

For delivery in New York City, please add 8.875% sales tax.

For delivery elsewhere in New York State, please contact us for the rates.

For delivery outside of New York or Massachusetts, we are not required to collect sales tax, however you may be required to report and pay a use tax in your state.


Your purchase will be shipped to you in a beautiful handmade jewelry box, ready for presentation. Gift wrapping is available by request, at no charge.

We offer free overnight delivery within the USA on purchases. Packages are shipped with insurance via UPS Next Day Air or FedEx Overnight and are guaranteed for next day delivery in most locations within the US. For shipments outside of the USA, please contact us for quote.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return your item* within 15 days of purchase for a refund. The item and packaging must be in original, saleable condition. Shipping, insurance, sizing or alterations costs are non-refundable. Refunds will be made to the purchaser, gift recipients are entitled to a nonrefundable merchandise credit. *This policy applies to in-stock items only, special orders are not returnable.

Special orders are not returnable however, in the event that you are not completely satisfied, we will make every reasonable effort to satisfy you. We want you to love your jewelry.


Pieces labeled “Available By Special Order” can be made to order expressly for you. In most cases you can choose from a selection of stone types, shapes, sizes and qualities to suit your preferences and price range, as well as between gold and platinum. All of our jewelry is handmade, one piece at a time with a great deal care and attention. Please check with us as turnaround times vary. Special Orders Are Non-Returnable.

If we don’t have the perfect stone for you in our stock, we’ll be happy to find just the right stone for you. As diamond and precious stone merchants for over 100 years, we have generations of expertise and unrivaled access into the diamond and precious stone market through an extensive network of dealers and cutters.

McTeigue & McClelland guarantees that your stone will match the certification. Our gemologist carefully inspects every stone to ensure that it meets our strict quality standards. Stones purchased by Special Order are non-returnable. 

We appreciate your interest in our work however, McTeigue & McClelland only makes and sells complete, finished pieces - we do not make mountings using client's gemstones. We maintain the highest standards of beauty for the gemstones featured in our jewelry. Every stone is selected with a great deal of consideration - aesthetically and technically - of the finished piece of jewelry. Our rings are then entirely handmade, for the specific stone, one at a time, by highly skilled craftsmen and artisans. Due to the nature of producing handmade jewelry of this caliber, we are only able to make a limited number of pieces each year - and we are currently working to full capacity with our own stock of diamonds and gemstones.

We offer an extensive portfolio of our own exclusive designs which are available by Special Order with choices of different diamonds, gemstones and metals. However, we don’t do “custom” work.

One of a kind “Commissions” are accepted on a limited basis, exclusively through our Great Barrington Atelier. One of a kind commissions require a non-refundable design fee starting at $1,000.

A deposit of between 50- 100% is required at the time of order, depending on the order.

Determining a finger size can be challenging considering that there are many variables including shape of the finger, internal shape of the ring or band to be worn, lack of standard calibration between ring sizers and ring measuring sticks, and the fact that finger sizes vary at different times of day and of month as well as depending on the weather and the degree of water retention at any given time.

Everybody’s fingers are shaped differently but ideally a ring should be tight going over the knuckle so that it does not easily slide off but snug enough on the base of the finger to not spin, although not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

A band or ring without stones on the top can be slightly less snug since it won’t matter if it spins. Over time, knuckles get larger and allowing a little extra room at the beginning may make sense. Men who are not accustomed to wearing rings tend to order rings that are too large and then find them uncomfortable. We advise carefully measuring and ordering a size that fits snug without being tight.

It is very important to accurately determine the ring size before we make your ring or band. Many of our designs are created with unusual techniques and finishes that cannot easily be re-sized without damage to the ring or finish. Bands with stones set all the way around may be impossible or very costly to re-size. For best results, please request our calibrated ring sizer with instructions on how to measure your finger. A deposit of $50 is required and will be credited to your purchase. Another option is to allow us to determine the finger size by sending us a ring or band that would be worn on the same finger and that has a very similar width to the ring you are ordering.


We repair jewelry that was purchased from McTeigue & McClelland. If you have an item in need of repair that was purchased from us, please contact us for shipping instructions, turnaround time and cost estimate. Repairs by jewelers other than McTeigue & McClelland may void your warranty. Please contact us before you have any work done on your jewelry.

We will re-size rings that were purchased from McTeigue & McClelland, provided that the ring is re-sizable. Please contact us for shipping instructions, turnaround time and cost estimate. Re-sizing by jewelers other than McTeigue & McClelland may void your warranty. Please contact us before you have any work done on your jewelry.

Jewelry that is worn frequently should be inspected by a jeweler at least once a year in order to insure that the stones are secure and that prongs, links and clasps are in good condition and secure.

For diamond, sapphire, ruby, gold and platinum only!

Close off the drain in case anything drops. Run hot tap water over the item to be cleaned and using a soft toothbrush with a drop of liquid dish soap, brush the stones and mounting, being especially sure to thoroughly clean all nooks and crannies and the backs of stones – this is where the film adheres and causes stones to look dull. Rinse under hot water. You may wipe the item dry with a lint free cloth or use a blow dryer. Do not clean emeralds, opals, turquoise, pearls or other stones with this method.

Please note: McTeigue & McClelland offers no warranty of any kind against loss or damage. Please be sure to make arrangements to insure your jewelry against loss or damage.

An Estimate for Replacement will be prepared for each purchase at no charge. This document will provide your insurance company with the pertinent information required to insure your purchase. The appraisal will include a photograph (when available), a complete description, a gemological evaluation of any stones, and an estimate of the cost to replace.

Be sure to keep your insurance up to date. Please check with your insurance company about how often to update your appraisals. Some but not all policies may have an automatic increase clause to cover you for price increases, check with your insurance broker on how often you should update your appraisals. We will be happy to provide updated appraisals at your request at minimal cost.

With generations of continuous hands on trading and market experience, McTeigue & McClelland offers unrivaled expertise in the appraisal of precious jewelry. We specialize in providing precise, accurate replacement value and resale market value appraisals for important diamonds, precious stones and fine jewelry.


McTeigue & McClelland stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry and we offer a warranty against defective materials and craftsmanship. This warranty does not apply to our collection of estate and vintage jewelry. Repairs or resizing by another jeweler may void this warranty. Please contact us before you have any work done on your jewelry.

Please contact us immediately if you experience damage to your McTeigue & McClelland piece. If the damage is due to defective materials or craftsmanship, McTeigue & McClelland will repair or replace the item without charge. If the required repairs are not covered under the warranty, we will provide an estimate of the cost before work is done.

McTeigue & McClelland offers no warranty or insurance of any kind against wear and tear, theft, loss or accidental damage. We recommend that you make arrangements to insure your jewelry against loss and/or damage.


The rich color and exquisite luster of our unique bloomed gold is a hallmark of McTeigue & McClelland jewelry. Gold is most often alloyed with copper and silver to make it harder and stronger. These metals also change the color. At McTeigue & McClelland we alloy our own gold to 18 karat (75% purity) to attain the properties for workability and durability that we require. We then use an ancient process that strips the alloys from the outer layer of the finished piece. This has the benefit of achieving the rich color of pure gold, but the strength of alloyed gold. This process is called “blooming” and the finished product is called “bloomed” gold.

Jewelers have been blooming gold since at least the 17th century but the process is tricky and requires a great deal of expertise to master. The process was largely forgotten after the invention of electro-plating in the 1930’s. After exhaustive research and experimentation, Tim McClelland rediscovered and mastered this technique, which has become a hallmark of his work.

Bloomed gold has a durable surface and does not require any special care yet, like all metal, it burnishes with wear and the patina becomes more beautiful over time.

Occasionally, due to contact with some household chemicals (cosmetics, cleaners, etc.) or other environmental contaminants, a bloomed finish may show some discoloration. This oxidation is simply and quickly removed by soaking the piece in a mild solution of warm water and baking soda in an aluminum pan.  Please call us if you have any questions.