Lost No More - The Ethereal Works of Carl Lewis Druckman - Jewelry Show

When Carl Lewis Druckman died at the age of 39 in 1996, he left designs for flatware that had been acquired by two of the largest tableware manufacturers in the world, an expansive collection of Native American jewelry, art and artifacts, a legacy of his wildly original jewelry designs, and a collection of the pieces elegantly created by Tim McClelland from those designs. 


Druckman was emerging as a respected gemologist and astute collector at the time of his death. The reputation and impact that might have been his ended just at the time he was gaining notice. 


In the years before, Master Goldsmith Tim McClelland had undertaken the daunting task of working with Druckman and his designs to bring those thoughts to fruition. The distance from sketching and drawing to weighing a finished piece in one's hand can be great, and Tim had dedicated several years to the process. Druckman, himself, described the pieces as "Intense, structured, with a guarded sense of whimsy."