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Pear Shape Diamond Thread Pendant 1.32cts, Platinum, halo, beautiful, traditional, elegant, subtle, stylish, elegance, intricate, unexpected
Ref. No. 31003
Pear Shape Diamond Thread Pendant 1.32cts, Platinum
Diamond Berry Cluster Ring, Platinum, classic, bold, elegant, nontraditional, handmade, intricate, heirloom, quality, 9363, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9363
Diamond Berry Cluster Ring, Platinum
Diamond Teacup Ring, Platinum, classic, elegant, round brilliant, bezel, stylish, subtle, low, quality, handmade, heirloom, 31010, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31010
Diamond Teacup Ring, Platinum
Diamond Engraved Bezel Studs, Platinum, classic, old world, elegant, stylish, old european cut diamonds, handmade, subtle, traditional, 8975, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31946
Diamond Engraved Bezel Studs, Platinum
Oval Diamond Classic Flora Ring, Platinum, handmade, petals, nature inspired, artistic, elegant, bezel, untraditional, floral, quality, 8808, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8808
Oval Diamond Classic Flora Ring, Platinum
New Lotus Pear Shape Diamond Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum, graceful, elegant, yoga, spiritual, artistic, nature inspired, classic, wearable, 32293, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32293
New Lotus Pear Shape Diamond Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum
Moonstone & Diamond Helix Necklace, Platinum, extraordinary, red carpet, handmade, elegant, one of a kind, blue sheen, double helix, fancy, graceful, opulent, quality, nature inspired, gemstone, spectacular, 8167, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8167
Moonstone & Diamond Helix Necklace, Platinum
Diamond Wrought Iron Ring, Iron & Platinum, handmade, black, blue, emerald cut, rectangle, classic, handsome, rugged, distressed, manly, unique, special, handmade, bold, 32353, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32353
Diamond Wrought Iron Ring, Iron & Platinum
Diamond Long Chain, 18Kt & Iron, 30 inch length, layer, petite, dainty, diamonds by the yard, black, yellow, rustic, handmade, forged, wrought iron, bold, 31744, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31744-
Diamond Long Chain, 18Kt & Iron
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Inlaid Indico Band, Platinum & Iron, handmade, unique, one of a kind, unusual, intricate, helix, woven, graceful, hand carved, black and white, stackable, 31624, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31624
Diamond Inlaid Indico Band, Platinum & Iron
Cognac Diamond Pave Earrings, 18Kt, brown, yellow gold, textured, sparkle, stylish, handmade, fancy, unique, intricate, artistic, 1125, thumbnail
Ref. No. 1125
Cognac Diamond Pave Earrings, 18Kt
Ref. No. 32793
Chalcedony & Diamond Rock Drop Earrings, Platinum