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Tsavorite Berry Cluster Ring, 18Kt, green, garnet, yellow gold, floral, petals, hand made, quality, fun, untraditional, 8995, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8995
Tsavorite Berry Cluster Ring, 18Kt
The Constellation Necklace, Platinum
Ref. No. 31278
The Constellation Necklace, Platinum
The Lily Earrings, 18Kt, black diamonds, beads, life like, nature inspired, Spathiphyllum, yellow, flower, flora, realistic, wearable art, unique, handmade, 31873, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31873
The Lily Earrings, 18Kt
Pierced Flora Bead Tahitian Pearl Strand, Platinum & Silver, elegant, classic, graceful, black, grey, hand carved, natural, quality, fancy , adjustable
Ref. No. 31147
Pierced Flora Bead Tahitian Pearl Strand, Platinum & Silver
Peridot Quadrille Drop Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum, yellow gold, bloomed, textured, dogwood flowers, green, fun, whimsical, elegant, hand made, nature inspired, 31641, thumbnail image
Ref. No. 31641
Peridot Quadrille Drop Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum
Diamond Tesaro Drop Earrings, 18Kt, long, movement, yellow gold, bloomed, texture, sparkle, graceful, elegant, 32295, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32295
Diamond Tesaro Drop Earrings, 18Kt
Moonstone Flora Drop Earrings, Platinum, classic, elegant, blue sheen, diamond, spectacular, sensuous, gemstone, heirloom, fun, 31170, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31170
Moonstone Flora Drop Earrings, Platinum
Diamond Berry Cluster Earrings, 18Kt, yellow gold, round brilliant, classic, elegant, wearable, flat, every day earrings, creative, cushion, handmade, posts, 32504, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32504
Diamond Berry Cluster Earrings, 18Kt
Diamond Berry Cluster Earrings, Platinum, studs, stylish, intricate, heritage, heirloom, hand made, delicate, quality, 9482, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9482
Diamond Berry Cluster Earrings, Platinum
Bella Verso Aquamarine Earrings, Platinum, old world, belle epoque, edwardian, diamond, blue, handmade, intricate, spectacular, graceful, 9507, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9507
Bella Verso Aquamarine Earrings, Platinum
Small Dandelion Diamond Puff Earrings, 18Kt, white gold, textured, orb, sea urchin, fireworks, stylish, unique, unexpected, elegant, handmade, artistic, realistic, weed, 1318, thumbnail
Ref. No. 1318
Small Dandelion Diamond Puff Earrings, 18Kt
Moonstone Flora Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum, gemstone, rare, unusual, blue sheen, sri lanka, yellow, cabochon, classic, nature inspired, wreath, 31987, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31987
Moonstone Flora Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum