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Tricolori Drop Earrings, 18Kt & Silver, oxidized, patina, yellow gold, yellow sapphire, purple sapphire, green garnets, one of a kind, hand made, intricate, extraordinary, alternative, 31417, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31417
Tricolori Drop Earrings, 18Kt & Silver
Moonstone Flora Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum, gemstone, rare, unusual, blue sheen, sri lanka, yellow, cabochon, classic, nature inspired, wreath, 31987, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31987
Moonstone Flora Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum
Pomegranate Bracelet, Red Spinel, Diamonds, Enamel, 18 Karat Yellow Gold, handmade, one of a kind, life like, fruit, bright, vibrant, unique, whimsical, gemstone, unusual, creative, 31632, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31632
Pomegranate Bracelet, 18KY
Moonstone Flora Drop Earrings, Platinum, classic, elegant, blue sheen, diamond, spectacular, sensuous, gemstone, heirloom, fun, 31170, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31170
Moonstone Flora Drop Earrings, Platinum
Red Spinel New Lotus Earrings, 18Kt, yellow gold, rare, unusual, one of a kind, bright, gemstone, india, creative, handmade, colorful, wearable, 32482, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32482
Red Spinel New Lotus Earrings, 18Kt
Ref. No. 32319
Hand Forged Ruby Ring, 24Kt
Imperial Topaz Scroll Necklace, 18Kt, gold, yellow, pear shape, handmade, bloomed, hand forged, elegant, stylish, layer, classic
Ref. No. 31243
Imperial Topaz Scroll Necklace, 18Kt
Amaranth Garnet Teacup Ring, 18Kt, pink, purple, wine, yellow gold, handmade, contemporary, colorful, bezel, easy, gemstone, rhodolite, 32250, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32250
Amaranth Garnet Teacup Ring, 18Kt
Sapphire & Diamond Noir Drop Earrings, Platinum & Silver, blue, cushion, pear, marquise, oxidized silver, black, elegant, red carpet, handmade, gemstone, bold, blue, extraordinary, 0399, thumbnail
Ref. No. 0399
Sapphire & Diamond Noir Drop Earrings, Platinum & Silver
Ruby & Diamond Rondelle Earrings, 18Kt, red, yellow gold, gemstone, colorful, flat, wearable, classic, elegant, july birthstone, contemporary, easy, handmade, 32590, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32590
Ruby & Diamond Rondelle Earrings, 18Kt
Hand Forged Blue Sapphire Ring, Platinum, distressed, manly, bold, large, one of a kind, unique, handmade, artistic, hammered, clean, wearable, manly, 32320, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32320
Hand Forged Blue Sapphire Ring, Platinum
The Constellation Necklace, Platinum
Ref. No. 31278
The Constellation Necklace, Platinum