Dissecting the Details: Carved Flower Earrings

Dissecting the Details: Carved Flower Earrings
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Dissecting the Details – Carved Flower Drop Earrings

“The color combination of the flowers and the delicate nature of the earrings is a perfect complement for the beginning of Spring. Come summer, pair them with a flowing white sundress for a perfect pop of color!”


20 Bench-hours it takes German master craftsmen to hand-carve each gemstone flower.

2 Gemstones – Peridot and Aquamarine – are uniquely carved with the craftsmen guided by the rough material.

4 Old European cut, Fancy Light Yellow, diamonds that make up the center of each flower.

2 Carved aquamarine stones, totaling 3.17 carats. The stone, beloved for its sea-like crystal blue hue, is the birthstone of March.

7 Total carats of carved peridot. Known by the Egyptians as the “gem of the sun,” peridot is praised for its cheerful spring green hue and is the birthstone for August.

18 karat yellow gold is used to make each individually fitted custom mounting specifically fitted for each flower.


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