McII Inspiration: Natural Selection

McII Inspiration: Natural Selection
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There’s hardly a form, color or texture created by Mother Nature that can’t be rendered in precious metal and gemstones. And with a Master Jeweler who has devoted his career to understanding and perfecting the works of the Art Nouveau period, it should come as little surprise that all matter of flora and fauna have made their way into the collections at McTeigue & McClelland. Incorporating organic forms—from leaves to insects to flowers—this spring proves especially fertile with a garden full of precious delights.

Several of the pieces in our estate collection are of the flora and fauna variety, like the Antique Diamond & Ruby Butterfly Pin. The spectacular piece features 20 carats of Old European cut diamonds and 5.5 carats of natural rubies set in gently curving 18 karat yellow gold and oxidized silver, perfectly mimicking the butterfly’s fragile wings.




Our Lily Earrings are a study in the manipulation of metal with petals hand-molded in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum and green enamel and 8 carats of black diamond beads creating a stamen. 
Where the Lily Earrings are a study in metalwork, our Carved Flower Drop Earrings showcase the art of gemstone carving—Aquamarine and Peridot hand-carved flowers are set with fancy light yellow diamond centers set in 18 karat yellow gold.



There’s no more sure sign that spring is in full swing than the buzzing of bees. Our vintage Ruby Honeybee is small but makes a statement with approximately 1.5 carats of natural ruby set in 14 karat yellow gold. While our Honeybee Cufflinks get their lifelike color from a mix of metals including 18 karat yellow gold, platinum, grey enamel and Niello (an ancient Egyptian mixture of metals that includes mercury).



Perhaps one of our best-known odes to the magic of the natural world is our Dandelion Collection. Rendered in different life stages, our Dandelion Necklace’s petals are handmade in 18 karat yellow gold and green enamel with 12 Round Brilliant cut diamonds while the Dandelion Puff Pin seeks to capture that fleeting moment in the flower’s lifecycle with the puff head comprised of 120 Round Brilliant diamonds set in 18 karat white gold and the stem in 18 karat yellow cold and green enamel.



Images by Kari Giordano of Sundae Graphic Design & Photography