Object of Desire - Finding the Perfect Wedding Band

Object of Desire - Finding the Perfect Wedding Band
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It’s believed that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings took place some 4800 years ago in Egypt, where rushes and reeds were braided into rings and exchanged as symbols of love. And while the materiality of these early versions was not long for the road, the original symbolism of eternity—the circle, with no beginning or end—has persevered and been an emblem of love ever since.


When it comes to finding a wedding band for a man, there’s just as much to be taken into consideration as finding the engagement ring or wedding band for a woman; lifestyle and personal tastes needing to be part of the equation. A low-profile 2-3mm wedding band might suit a more classic gent, whereas an artist might be looking for something with a bit of engraving or an interesting mix of materials. And for a more outdoorsy or rustic guy? Try something with a hand-hammered finish. From unconventional materials—iron laminated with 18Kt yellow gold—to decorative finishes like engraving, hammering, banding and diamonds, these small symbols of love can convey a lot about the man that wears it. The key is to find something your guy will commit to for decades. Here are a few of McII’s most loved styles.



Left to Right:

The organic texture of the 22kt red gold lends a rugged edge to the 4mm Alveus band.

For the minimalist, the 2.5mm of banded platinum of the Excolo is handsome and simple.

A bit of engraving and pave diamonds set in Iron and platinum dress up the 4mm Indico Inlay Band.

The hammered 24Kt yellow gold of the Corusco style comes in both 7.5mm (4th from left) and 3.5mm (6th from left).

The flat shape of the Indico band (5th and 7th from left) is a study in alchemy. The two-tone finish combines both Iron & 18KYG, in a slim 3.5mm width.

For a style that feels classic but with a bit more interest, take a look at the 5mm Duo with its peaks in 18Kt red gold.


Wondering where we found the amazing fabric for this photoshoot? It’s an original section from the test prints at Tillett Textiles & T4 Fabrics. If you are in Sheffield, MA and want to experience the original textiles makers, give them a call. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


Photo by Kari Girodano of Sundae Graphics & Photography