Object of Desire - JetBlue Necklace

Object of Desire - JetBlue Necklace


Inspired by two particularly rare sets of cabochon-cut stones, Kyanite and Frosted Aquamarine, McTeigue & McClelland’s JetBlue necklace is truly a masterpiece of craftsmanship. If you look closely, each section of the JetBlue necklace is different, with slight changes in the curves of the metal and the setting of the gems. The meticulous metal work, which took our master craftsmen nearly 280 hours, is bellied only by the spectacular suites of 8 milky cabochon aquamarines  (totaling 286 carats in weight) and 8 oval cabochon Kyanite stones (just over 53 carats in weight). Kyantie, which is more often a grayish blue, is exceptionally rare in this true, glassy blue. Accented by 276 round brilliant diamonds, 17 smooth sapphire beads and 8 round brilliant sapphires, this necklace is a piece for a true collector. 



If you’re just starting to fill out your jewelry wardrobe, our Lapis Drop Earrings, will certainly be a bold addition. This calcite-laced lapis results in a lovely, mottled stone, the size of which—in set earrings—is exceptionally rare. 

Both pieces, in their bold blue hues, are one-of-a-kind and true expressions of the creativity and meticulous handwork that go into every piece that leaves our Great Barrington workroom.