The Opal Show

Fall viewing of kaleidoscopic color extends beyond foliage in the Berkshires!
McTeigue & McClelland Special Exhibition Opal Show October 4-6, 2018.

You're invited to attend a three-day exhibition of globally sourced exquisite opals presented by the renown firm of DuftyWeis.

Mined in Australia and Mexico, the selection of brilliant opals that will be presented by visiting experts Robyn Dufty and Juergen Weis will include the range of four highly sought after gemstones.  

Black Opals, Fire Opals, Boulder Opals and Yowah-Nut Opals will all be available for inspection and selection.

In preparation for the three-day event, master jewelry designer Tim McClelland is creating a sketch book of original designs that can be “married” with the unique

DuftyWeis stones to create totally unique pieces that, incidentally, could be ready for the upcoming holiday season.

The DuftyWeis collection will present some of the finest examples of lively, precious opals during this October special event.

Please join us!