Spot Light On: McII Men's Jewelry

Spot Light On: McII Men's Jewelry
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It used to be that the only two pieces of jewelry a man could wear was a fine timepiece and his wedding band. But as workday dress codes have made more space for one’s sartorial whims, it should be no surprise that it comes with an uptick in men’s fine jewelry. At McTeigue & McClelland, we’ve worked to create a collection of covetable men’s pieces that are as easy to wear as Levis but crafted from the finest metals and exceptional gemstones.



A study in alchemy, many of the pieces in the men’s collection combine different metals, like the 18k yellow gold and wrought iron, in our Medium Link bracelet. But the collection doesn’t stop at meticulous metalwork. Fine and rare stones—from brown diamonds to landscape jasper and fossilized wooly mammoth ivory—result in pieces that are refined yet robust.



"Our gentlemen’s collection is entirely unique in the jewelry kingdom,” says Tim McClelland. "Every piece is a one-of- a-kind creation. A combination of the rarest of gems and subtle, understated design, these pieces reflect the sophisticated individuality of the wearer. Even men who would never consider wearing jewelry are embracing this collection.”



So what’s the key to pulling off men’s jewelry? It's all about attitude. Paul Newman confidently wore a massive ring with a cameo of a roman emperor and never was there a better advertisement for simple white t-shirt plus pendant necklace than Ryan Gosling. The trick is that it should look like you've been wearing the piece for years, so look for a piece that speaks to your style. Love the outdoors? Dinosaur bone cufflinks would put a rugged twist on a formal shirt. More of a scotch-in-the-library kind of guy? Something smart like a fair-mined gold ring set with a Mozambique ruby might be more your thing.


There is something for every taste, if you have any questions or are looking for something specific, reach out. We are always available to help!   xo Sam


Dinosaur Bone Cufflinks, 18 karat yellow gold

Landscape Jasper Cufflinks, 18 karat yellow gold

Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Scrimshaw Cufflinks, Trout, 18 karat yellow gold

Iron & Gold Bracelet, Medium Link, 22 Karat yellow gold & Wrought Iron

#9572 24K & Platinum Panel Ring, distressed finish 

Iron & Gold ‘Autumn’ Diamond Ring, 1.52 carat diamond (Fancy Deep Brown-Orange Color, SI1 clarity, GIA) 

Gold & Ruby Ring, 4.04 carats Natural Mozambique Ruby, NTE, 24 karat fair-mined gold, hammered finish


These beautiful images were take by Kari Giordano of Sundae Graphic & Design