Wedding Bands

Symbols of enduring love and devotion, our wedding rings and bands are made entirely by hand, forged and welded for strength and durability; carved, finished and textured to impart beauty and grace. We offer an extensive selection of unique bands from classic to modern designs in Fairmined Gold, platinum or in combinations of metals including wrought iron. In addition to 18 karat yellow and bloomed gold we offer 22 karat, 24 karat, rose gold, peach gold, and red gold.

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Certus Soft Satin Ring, Platinum, handmade, satin, elegant, classic, traditional, low profile, 9175, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9175
Certus Soft Satin Ring, Platinum
Alveus Ring, Platinum, handmade, distressed, hammered, classic, manly, classic, subtle, 9176, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9176
Alveus Ring, Platinum
Excolo Ring, Platinum, beveled, classic, elegant, contemporary, stylish, narrow, handmade, 9053, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9053
Excolo Ring, Platinum
Certus Hand Burnished Ring, 24Kt, handmade, yellow gold, rich color, shine, handsome, classic, traditional, 8936, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8936
Certus Hand Burnished Ring, 24Kt
Duo Ring, 18Kt, handmade, yellow gold, bloomed, fluted, texture, ridges, unusual, detail, 9045, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9045
Duo Ring, 18Kt
Certus Engraved Ring, Platinum, handmade, hand engraved, wheat, traditional, old world, edwardian, elegant, classic, 9046, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9046
Certus Engraved Ring, Platinum
Diamond Forare Band, Platinum, handmade, hand engraved, bead set, round brilliant, beveled, pattern, elegant, classic, 9228, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9228
Diamond Forare Band, Platinum
Inlaid Band, 18Kt & Platinum, handmade, hand carved, one of a kind, distressed, yellow gold, unusual, detail, 31636, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31636
Inlaid Band, Platinum & 18Kt
Duo Ring, 18Kt, handmade, yellow gold, bloomed, fluted, texture, ridges, unusual, detail, 8053, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8053
Duo Ring, 18Kt