McTeigue & Co

Founded in New York in 1895, the Walter P. McTeigue & Company designed and manufactured fine handmade precious jewelry and was a highly regarded "behind the scene" jeweler to the trade throughout the 20th century. Among their customers were the country’s finest retailers including Tiffany & Company, J.E. Caldwell, C.D. Peacock, Black, Starr & Frost and Shreve, Crump & Low. To this day the McTeigue & Co. name is a hallmark of exquisite design and craftsmanship.


In 1990, after nearly 100 years of making jewelry for fine retailers, Tiffany & Co. purchased McTeigue & Company and its inventory, equipment and archive of designs. The McTeigue family continues as dealers in fine diamonds, precious stones and estate jewelry. In 1998, Walter J. McTeigue, III and Tim McClelland founded McTeigue & McClelland and continue the tradition of designing and making beautiful handmade jewelry using the finest diamonds and gemstones. They remain true to the tradition of timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship.


Walter P McTeigue

Walter J McTeigue Sr.

Walter J McTeigue Jr.