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Flora Butterfly Pin, 18 karat yellow gold, platinum, ruby, diamond, tahitian pearl
Ref. No. 0224
Flora Butterfly Pin
Honeybee Pin, gold, platinum, enamel, realistic, subtle, textured, unusual, lifelike, honey, bees
Ref. No. 12989
Honeybee Pin
Dandelion Diamond Puff Pin, 18Kt, fun, unusual, quirky, stylish, bright, summer, floral, flower, gold, enamel, creative
Ref. No. 1015
Dandelion Diamond Puff Pin, 18Kt
Large Dandelion Pin, 18 Kt Yellow Bloomed Gold, blossom, flower, dimensional, natural, organic, textured
Ref. No. 13021
Large Dandelion Pin, 18Kt
Large Dandelion 'PinDant', 18Kt, gold, handmade, enamel, backyard flower, pointy, designer, creative, petals, nature inspired
Ref. No. 0960
Large Dandelion 'PinDant', 18Kt
Dandelion Pin with Stem, 18Kt, gold, enamel, spring, flower, realistic, handmade, natural, large, fun, summer
Ref. No. 1014
Dandelion Pin with Stem, 18Kt
Bird Pin, 18KT Bloomed Yellow Gold, blue sapphire, peacock, turkey, handmade, wearable art, stylish, unique, diverse, bloomed
Ref. No. 0082
Flora Bird Pin, 18Kt
Jumbo Dandelion Pin 18KT Bloomed Yellow Gold, life like, large pin, details, textured, handmade, natural
Ref. No. 13046
Jumbo Dandelion Pin, 18Kt