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Diamond Long Chain, Platinum & Iron, diamonds by the yard, handmade, black and white, sparkle, layer, stacking, elegant, artistic, wrought iron, hand forged, unique, 31743, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31743
Diamond Long Chain, Platinum & Iron
Medallion Longchain Necklace, 22Kt & Wrought Iron, layer, yellow gold, black, embossed, coins, modern, hand forged, hand finished, creative, 9037, thumbnail image
Ref. No. 9037
Medallion Longchain Necklace, 22Kt & Wrought Iron
Diamond Long Chain, 18Kt & Iron, 30 inch length, layer, petite, dainty, diamonds by the yard, black, yellow, rustic, handmade, forged, wrought iron, bold, 31744, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31744-
Diamond Long Chain, 18Kt & Iron
Pearl Scroll Chain, 18Kt & Platinum, classic, elegant, yellow gold, layer, hand made, bloomed, stylish, subtle, heirloom, 9150, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9515
Pearl Scroll Chain, 18Kt & Platinum
Large Link Gold Chain, 22Kt, old world, rustic, wearable, heavy, solid, natural, texture
Ref. No. 32883
Large Link Fairmined Gold Chain, 22Kt
Medium Link Black & Gold Bracelet, 22Kt & Iron, cushion, hammered, distressed, handmade, forged, wearable, manly, rugged, wrought iron, 32306, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32306
Medium Link Black & Gold Bracelet, 22Kt Gold & Wrought Iron
Small Link Black and Gold Chain, 22Kt & Wrought Iron, yellow gold, small oval links, layer, textured, handmade, hand forged, 9065, thumbnail image
Ref. No. 32898
FAIRMINED Small Link Black & Gold Chain, 22Kt & Wrought Iron
Pearl Scroll Chain, Platinum, wearable, layer, fine, handmade, cultured pearls, artistic
Ref. No. 31384
Pearl Scroll Chain, Platinum
McTeigue & McClelland 18K Fairmined Geometric Links Chain
Ref. No. 32833
Geometric Links Chain
Small Link Gold Chain, 22Kt Gold, yellow gold, hand forged, hand made, small oval links, textured, natural, heritage, heirloom, 9334, thumbnail image
Ref. No. 31383
Small Link Gold Chain, 22Kt Gold
Medallion Necklace with Ancient Coin, 22Kt Gold, Wrought Iron & Silver, black, yellow gold, chain, handmade, one of a kind, hand finished, unusual, heirloom, enduring, 9308, thumbnail image
Ref. No. 9308
Medallion Necklace with Ancient Coin, 22Kt Gold, Wrought Iron & Silver
Diamond Link Chain, Iron & Platinum, wrought iron, round brilliant, diamonds by the yard, classic, black, black and white, layer
Ref. No. 31789
Diamond Link Chain, Iron & Platinum