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Pink-Orange Sapphire Scalloped Stud Earrings, stud, padparadscha, classic, elegant, wearable, colorful, expensive, 33151, thumbnail
Ref. No. 33151
Pink-Orange Sapphire Scalloped Stud Earrings
Diamond Flora Quadrant Earrings, Platinum, old mine, marquise, studs, floral, petals, unexpected, unusual, unique, stylish, handmade, 8600, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8600
Diamond Flora Quadrant Earrings, Platinum
McTeigue & McClelland Fire Opal Drop Earrings
Ref. No. 32790
Fire Opal Drop Earrings
McTeigue & McClelland Diamond Berry Cluster earrings
Ref. No. 33224
Petite Diamond Berry Cluster Earrings
Piriform Drop Earrings, 18Kt, yellow gold, vines, twist, floral, flora, oval, handmade, wire, creative, artistic, nature inspired, unique, 32534, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32534
Piriform Drop Earrings
Bella Verso Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings, Platinum, old world, stylish, black pearl, elegant, subtle, heirloom, delicate, unusual, 9000, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9000
Bella Verso Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings, Platinum
McTeigue & McClelland Chalcedony & Ruby Rock Drops
Ref. No. 32932
Chalcedony & Ruby Rock Drops
Diamond Engraved Bezel Studs, Platinum, classic, old world, elegant, stylish, old european cut diamonds, handmade, subtle, traditional, 8975, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31946
Diamond Engraved Bezel Studs, Platinum
Quadrille Diamond Stud Earrings, 18Kt, dogwood flower, yellow gold, textured, nature inspired, traditional, elegant, stylish, floral, 31093, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31093
Quadrille Diamond Stud Earrings, 18Kt
Moonstone Flora Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum, gemstone, rare, unusual, blue sheen, sri lanka, yellow, cabochon, classic, nature inspired, wreath, 31987, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31987
Moonstone Flora Earrings, 18Kt & Platinum
Bella Verso Aquamarine Earrings, Platinum, old world, belle epoque, edwardian, diamond, blue, handmade, intricate, spectacular, graceful, 9507, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9507
Bella Verso Aquamarine Earrings, Platinum
McTeigue & McClelland Sapphire Berry Cluster with Chalcedony Drops
Ref. No. 32511
Sapphire Berry Cluster with Chalcedony Drops