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McTeigue & McClelland Pink Tourmaline Scroll Necklace
Ref. No. 33241
Pink Tourmaline Scroll Necklace
Small Flora Star Pendant, 18Kt, yellow gold, bloomed, diamond, snowflake, handmade, natural, artistic, graceful, 0837, thumbnail
Ref. No. 0837
Small Flora Star Pendant, 18Kt
McTeigue & McClelland Diamond Bezel Pendant, Emerald Cut in Platinum
Ref. No. 33303
Diamond Bezel Pendant
McTeigue & McClelland Petite Berry Cluster Diamond Pendant
Ref. No. 33350
Petite Diamond Berry Cluster Pendant
New Lotus Pear Shape Diamond Pendant, 18Kt & Platinum, graceful, elegant, yoga, spiritual, artistic, nature inspired, classic, wearable, 32115, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32115
New Lotus Pear Shape Diamond Pendant, 18Kt & Platinum
Diamond Medallion Pendant, 22Kt & Platinum, handmade, coin, embossed, roman, layer, intricate pattern, unusual, 9369, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9369
Diamond Medallion Pendant, 22Kt & Platinum
Small Quadrille Diamond Pendant, Platinum, dogwood flower, satin finish, hand forged, heritage, nature inspired, elegant, 31122, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31122
Small Quadrille Diamond Pendant, Platinum
McTeigue & McClelland Honeycomb Coin Pendant
Ref. No. 33405
Honeycomb Coin Pendant
Diamond Engraved Bezel Pendant, yellow gold, old world, hand engraved, hand forged, handmade, classic, elegant
Ref. No. 32900
Diamond Engraved Bezel Pendant, 18K Yellow Gold
Belle Époque Top Pendant, Platinum, diamonds, wearable, Edwardian style, handmade, traditional, heirloom, heritage, elegant, classic, vintage inspired, 0975, thumbnail
Ref. No. 0975
Belle Époque Top Pendant, Platinum
Old European Cut Diamond Engraved Bezel Pendant, 18Kt, antique, old world, layer, easy, classic, graceful, safe
Ref. No. 33399
Old European Cut Diamond Engraved Bezel Pendant, 18Kt
McTeigue & McClelland Honeybee Pendant
Ref. No. 33270
Honeybee Pendant, 18k