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Petite Diamond Dandelion Pendant, 18Kt, green enamel, small details, nature inspired, elegant, unique, flora, floral, artistic, natural, delicate, 0223, thumbnail
Ref. No. 0223
Petite Diamond Dandelion Pendant, 18Kt
Belle Époque Top Pendant, Platinum, diamonds, wearable, Edwardian style, handmade, traditional, heirloom, heritage, elegant, classic, vintage inspired, 0975, thumbnail
Ref. No. 0975
Belle Époque Top Pendant, Platinum
Diamond Flora Star Pendant, 18Kt & Platinum, yellow gold, snowflake, handmade, elegant, floral, spectacular, petals, pearls, scroll chain, 32107, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32107
Diamond Flora Star Pendant, 18Kt & Platinum
McTeigue & McClelland Honeybee Pendant
Ref. No. 33270
Honeybee Pendant, 18k
Imperial Topaz Scroll Necklace, 18Kt, gold, yellow, pear shape, handmade, bloomed, hand forged, elegant, stylish, layer, classic
Ref. No. 31243
Imperial Topaz Scroll Necklace, 18Kt
15mm Fossette Pendant, 18Kt, yellow gold, bloomed, nature inspired, leaf, vine, yellow, embossed, artistic, layer, 32087, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32087
15mm Fossette Pendant
Diamond Atomo Pendant, Platinum, round brilliant, science, atom, nuclear, nature inspired, dimensional, layer, unique, nerdy, feminine, elegant, 32036, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32036
Diamond Atomo Pendant, Platinum
McTeigue & MclCelland Berry Cluster Ruby Pendant casual, handmade, whimsical
Ref. No. 32930
Berry Cluster Ruby Pendant
Spinel & Diamond Column Link Necklace, 18Kt, red, yellow gold, textured, fun, layer, bold, classic, stylish, hand carved, 8792, thumbnail
Ref. No. 8792
Spinel & Diamond Column Link Necklace, 18Kt
Chalcedony & Diamond Carved Flower Pendant, Platinum, hand carved, handmade, gemstone, blue, flower, nature inspired, natural, 32009, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32009
Chalcedony & Diamond Carved Flower Pendant, Platinum
Spessertite Garnet Solitaire Pendant, 18Kt, mandarin, orange, yellow, unique, colorful, gemstone, 32249, thumbnail
Ref. No. 32249
Spessartite Garnet Solitaire Pendant, 18Kt
Petite Blueberry Pendant, 18Kt, whimsical, new england, plique a jour enamel, green, blue, leaves, floral, stylish, nature inspired, 9632, thumbnail image
Ref. No. 9632
Petite Blueberry Pendant, 18Kt