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Wading Duck Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold, yellow, blue, lapis, water, ripples, mallord, life like, unusual, artistic, one of a kind, hand carved, 31043, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31043
Wading Duck Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold
Honeybee Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold, Platinum & Niello, life like, honey, bee, yellow, grey, gray, enamel, handmade, craftsmanship, unique, unusual, insect, bugs, manly, 12990, thumbnail
Ref. No. 12990
Honeybee Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold, Platinum & Niello
Scrimshaw Cufflinks, Trout, 18 karat yellow gold, fossilized ivory, mammoth, handmade, colorful, lifelike, elegant, timeless, classic, fish, thumbnail, 0877
Ref. No. 0877
'Trout' Scrimshaw Cufflinks,18Kt Gold
Pink Diamond & Meteorite Cufflinks, 18Kt Red Gold, pink gold, fancy, intense, one of a kind, outer space, masculine, unique, wearable, black, natural, rugged, special, classic, 9387, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9387
Pink Diamond & Meteorite Cufflinks, 18Kt Red Gold
Lapis Cufflinks, 18Kt White Gold, sculpted, hand carved, individual, blue, dark, handsome, unique, rugged, wearable, 31569, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31569
Lapis Cufflinks, 18Kt White Gold
Chalcedony Carved Polar Bear Cufflinks, Platinum, hand carved, individual, nature, natural, handmade, one of a kind, tough, unique, artistic, 31105, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31105
Polar Bear Cufflinks, Platinum
Dinosaur Bone Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold, fossil, yellow, handmade, hand carved, classic, manly, unique, unusual, wearable, 9484, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9484
Dinosaur Bone Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold
Ducks Scrimshaw Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold, cuff link, mammoth ivory, french cuff, oval, mallard duck, yellow, wood duck, traditional, men, mens, 0827, handmade, thumbnail
Ref. No. 0827
'Ducks' Scrimshaw Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold
Owl Eyes Cufflinks, Silver, turquoise, bird, face, cabochon, wearable, unique, unusual, look at you, wearable, white, blue, 31070, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31070
Owl Eyes Cufflinks, Silver
Honeycomb Cufflinks, 24Kt & 18Kt Gold, yellow, honey, nature, natural, handmade, tooled, classic, thumbnail, 8529
Ref. No. 8529
Honeycomb Cufflinks, 24Kt & 18Kt Gold
Purple Sapphire & Carved Moonstone Cufflinks, Platinum, pink, natural, hand carved, handmade, cabochon, emerald cut, un-heated, tabs, unique, master craftsmen, handmade, bold, gemstone, 31104, thumbnail
Ref. No. 31104
Purple Sapphire & Carved Moonstone Cufflinks, Platinum
Agate Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold, yellow, orange, red, wearable, durable, classic, elegant, unique, fire, statement, tab, handmade, 9486, thumbnail
Ref. No. 9486
Agate Cufflinks, 18Kt Gold