We are committed to imbuing quality and integrity in every facet of our work. We care deeply about the origin of our diamonds, precious stones and metals and we endeavor to buy only from the most socially and environmentally responsible sources possible.


Walter McTeigue is a fourth generation diamond and gemstone expert


We specialize in vintage diamonds and gemstones sourced through our estate buying program. Fourth generation diamond and gemstone merchant Walter McTeigue has a reputation for finding and selecting the most exceptional stones. All of our gems are recut and polished to the highest standards of beauty and brilliance, while retaining their old world character and charm.



These gemstones then go into the hands of artist and master jeweler Tim McClelland who draws on more than 40 years of experience designing, making and innovating. From initial concept to finished creation, Tim collaborates with a team of the most highly talented artisans who help bring his designs to life.

Very Rare 17 Carat Padparadscha sapphire lotus ring

Made By Hand, One at a Time, With Skill and Care

We make everything by hand, in our workshop, using a combination of old world tools and techniques; augmented by cutting edge technology. We rely on the skill, experience and artisanry of our master jewelers who employ methods such as hand forging, fabricating, piercing, engraving, inlaying and blooming. The results are unsurpassed, and truly one of a kind.